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​4 Hot Instagram Stops at Hoover Dam

Date: June 3, 2017
Category: Blog

The Hoover Dam is a feat of modern engineering. At 1,224 feet long and 726 feet high, it’s America’s second largest dam and one of the top twenty concrete arch dams in the world. Spanning the Colorado river between Arizona and Nevada, Hoover Dam attracts more than seven million visitors per year.

Countless artists, photographers and tourists have captured the beauty of the Hoover Dam since its completion in 1936. Today, it’s a major hotspot for social media mavens who post awe-inspiring pics of the landmark on their profiles.  At Black Canyon River Adventures, our experienced tour guides have an eye for the best overlooks and scenic stops. Visit one of our four favorite vantage points to get a killer shot for your Instagram followers.

Black Canyon National Water Trail

Located on the Colorado River within Lake Mead National Recreation Area, this waterway flows from Hoover Dam’s base about 30 miles downstream to El Dorado Canyon. Our Black Canyon Raft Tour offers some of the most spectacular and rare viewing of Hoover Dam. Adventurers rafting or kayaking down the river can capture unseen angles of the dam from below, plus stellar shots of side canyons and wildlife such as bighorn sheep or bald eagles.

The Deck

Hoover Dam has been closed to vehicle traffic since 2010, but pedestrians can still take advantage of several visitors decks along the bridge. This close, you can nab detailed images of the bridge’s art deco features, as well as the massive spillways and intake towers that keep the water flowing to generate electricity. For $30, adults and kids over eight can take an official guided tour of the plant offered by the Bureau of Reclamation. It’s a sweet spot to snap images of the dam’s inner workings.

On the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge 

Completed in 2010, this bypass project was the state’s answer to high traffic volumes on the dam and US 93. The 1900-foot-long bridge was dubbed “America’s Newest Wonder” by USA Today and is currently the world’s tallest concrete arch span. Its open to foot and bike traffic, as well as passenger vehicles. Park in the free parking lot and hike the stairs for amazing 360-degree views of Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and Black Canyon. Our tour buses pass over the bridge on the return trip, so have your cameras ready.

Below the Bridge

The section of the Colorado River underneath the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge provides for unique viewing of the structure’s impressive engineering. Snap a pic of the bridge’s giant struts and underpinnings along our Hoover Dam Postcard Tour, which also includes an exclusive look at Hoover Dam from Lower Portal Road.

Whether you’re enjoying day at Lake Mead or just passing by Hoover Dam for a few hours on your way to Las Vegas, there are plenty of opportunities to get eye-opening shots of Hoover Dam from every angle. Focus on the superstructure’s incredible engineering or take some smartphone selfies and family shots with Black Canyon’s incredible landscape as backdrop. Contact us for more information on sightseeing along the Colorado River at Hoover Dam.