Go Off Strip: Experience the Las Vegas Desert

Date: July 16, 2019
Category: Blog

The possibilities on the Las Vegas Strip are endless, and it’s easy to spend your entire trip on this one street. From the glitzy shows to the shimmering lights of the casinos, you will be captivated by the spell of the city.

However, while temptation may want to keep you right on The Strip, we recommend that you take a journey Off Strip to the heart of the Las Vegas desert.

Here’s a few adventures that you might find in the quietness of the desert:

Visit the Red Rock Canyon

Located about 17 miles from the heart of Las Vegas, the Red Rock Canyon is a gorgeous natural formation that is not far off the beaten path. Its red cliffs are different than anything else that can be seen in the region, and there’s plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife enjoying their canyon home. Luckily for those staying in the city, there are daily tours of the Red Rock Canyon that depart most of the major hotels at various times throughout the day.

Enjoy an Adventure on the Colorado River

About half an hour away from the Las Vegas Strip is the Black Canyon, a deep and vast canyon that has attracted adventurers for thousands of years. Today, visitors to the Black Canyon can enjoy a guided river raft tour on the Colorado River. Not only is there an element of thrill and adventure, but this tour also offers an educational insight into the geologic formation of the canyon and the wildlife species who live there. A Black Canyon Raft Tour is an adventure that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Tour the Hoover Dam

While the Las Vegas desert is home to canyons and cliffs that formed over the course of thousands of years, it’s also the sight of one of the greatest manmade accomplishments in the world. A tour of the Hoover Dam will provide you with more information about how the dam was built and the purpose that it serves today.

For a complete Las Vegas experience, you will want to enjoy activities both on and off The Strip. To learn more about why you should add a Black Canyon River tour to your Las Vegas itinerary, contact us at Black Canyon River Adventures today.