3 Lesser Known Las Vegas Museums to Visit Before Your Hoover Dam Trip

Date: July 17, 2018
Category: Blog

Prior to taking a thrilling and educational journey down the Colorado River to view the Hoover Dam, why not take some time to learn more about the rich history of Las Vegas itself? Escape the crowds and the Strip and do just that by visiting a few of the lesser known museums in the area. At Black Canyon River Adventure Tours, we recommend the following museums to our guests:

National Atomic Testing Museum

It’s no secret that the Nevada desert once served as an atomic testing site for the U.S. military for nearly 40 years. Close to 1000 powerful bombs were dropped over time, establishing these explosions as an ‘unofficial’ spectator sport in Las Vegas. Visiting the National Atomic Testing Museum allows guests to experience what it must have been like to see and feel the thunderous rumbling of these tests in person through an interactive movie experience. The museum features numerous exhibits including historical information about World War II, the Manhattan Project and the Cold War.

Hollywood Cars Museum

This gem just off the Vegas Strip displays close to 100 of the coolest cars from Hollywood films, TV and pop culture spanning several decades. While walking around the Hollywood Cars Museum, visitors can view famous stunt cars like the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard, the Batmobile, James Bond’s flying car and micro-jet and even a few autos used in filming the Fast and Furious films. Television fans will delight in seeing the classic rides utilized in filming Knight Rider, The A-Team and Starsky and Hutch. Of course, there’s an entire section dedicated to Liberace’s flashy vehicles along with memorabilia from his legendary career.

Pinball Hall of Fame

Who knew there was still an attraction in Vegas with free admission and parking? The Pinball Hall of Fame is likely one of the most interactive museums in the nation, as visitors can actually play most of the fully restored 150 pinball machines on site. As a non-profit museum, the games actually still cost only 25-50 cents each to play. So, grab a pocket full of quarters and head off to this massive 10,000 square foot arcade.

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