The Best Ways to See Hoover Dam

Date: July 17, 2018
Category: Blog

The impressive Hoover Dam suppresses the waters of the Colorado River and is responsible for the formation of Lake Mead. Popular as a tourist destination, the dam is located on the Nevada-Arizona border along Highway 93. And quite conveniently, it’s only a short distance from the Las Vegas strip. Find out the best ways to see Hoover Dam by land, air or water.

Seeing Hoover Dam by Car

The Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge is an architectural feat that re-routed Highway 93 across the Hoover Dam. It’s important to note that not all vehicle types can cross the dam, and there are inspection points where vehicles may be searched. While you can make a stop at either the Arizona side or the Nevada side and get to designated viewing points for photos, the dam is better seen at this point on foot.

Make a Stop and Tour Hoover Dam on Foot

Once at the Hoover Dam, you’ll want to park in one of the assigned parking areas. The Visitor Center on the Nevada side has a spacious parking garage and an open lot that charges $10. There is a similar open lot on the Arizona side with the same parking fee, but there are spaces further away (about 1/4 mile) that offer free parking.

From the Nevada side, visitors can purchase tickets for tours of the Hoover Dam Power Plant to get even closer to the sights while learning about its rich history and vital functions amid the region. There are also a few marked walking trails, one with several interpretive stations along with panoramic views of the Hoover Dam. Note: The dam crossover and trails are only open to pedestrians during daylight hours.

Hoover Dam by Air: Helicopter Tours

Enjoy a birds-eye view of the Hoover Dam by air on a thrilling helicopter tour. Most of these tours offer Las Vegas hotel pick-ups and transport services to Boulder City, where passengers board their flight. Tours can last from 2-10 hours depending on how much you want to see. Tour options often include flights over the Hoover Dam, the Colorado River, Lake Mead, the Grand Canyon or comprehensive trips over them all. At Black Canyon River Adventures, we recommend looking into these local Hoover Dam helicopter tour providers.

See Hoover Dam Rafting the Colorado River and Black Canyon

Visitors can soak in premium views of the Hoover Dam, the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, the incredible wildlife and hidden gems within the impressive Black Canyon while cruising the mighty Colorado River upon a motorized raft with a professional tour guide. If this sounds like the tour for you, book your spot for the three hour Black Canyon Adventures River Raft Tour today by calling 800-455-3490.