​3 Predators to Keep an Eye Out for at Hoover Dam

Date: January 29, 2018
Category: Blog

Predators come in all shapes and sizes, making them fun to spot (from a distance) in the wild. If you’re planning a trip to Southern Nevada soon, we suggest spending a day or two enjoying the wildlife that surrounds one of the most iconic landmarks in American history – the Hoover Dam. At Black Canyon River Adventures, we take our guests safely down the Colorado River by motorized raft. Just sit back, breathe in fresh air, and enjoy the scenery.

To prepare you for the types of wildlife you’ll see on the ground and in the sky, we’ve compiled a list of a few predators to keep an eye out for on your trip:

Golden Eagle

This large, graceful bird can be seen soaring at great heights above southern Nevada, including at the Hoover Dam. Don’t worry if you forgot your binoculars at home, though. Eagles are easy to spot due to their large size (adults can grow up to three feet in length). You can differentiate them from other birds in the sky by their unique brown and white tail band and furry, feathered legs. Golden Eagles are known to build their nests on suitable cliff ledges or (less frequently) in trees. If you watch close enough, you might even be able to spot one swoop down and catch prey including rabbits, mice, and injured water birds.


Be careful if you see one of these guys! A rattlesnake’s venom is extremely toxic, so you’ll want to keep a safe distance away. Thankfully, rattlesnakes aren’t commonly found in water, so you’re safe inside the raft. Mohave rattlesnakes can vary in size from 24 to 51 inches. You can identify them by the uniform white scales surrounding brown diamonds on their backs. Their upper half is greenish brown to olive green. Rattlesnakes typically prey on kangaroo rats and other rodents.

Gila Monster

Another animal to keep your distance from, the Gila monster is one of two poisonous lizards in the world. It can grow up to 24 inches long and is identified by black coloring marbled with pink, yellow, orange or white areas. This predator can be seen lurking around in search of small mammals, lizards, frogs, insects, carrion, birds and bird eggs. Ready to spot Gila monsters in their natural habitat? Travel down the stunning Colorado River on a smooth guided water raft tour and witness wildlife in action. Reserve your Black Canyon River Raft Tour today, and experience a day full of sightseeing and learning about the animals that live near the Hoover Dam.