​Alternative Bachelor Party Ideas Near Vegas

Date: December 22, 2017
Category: Blog

When you think of a Las Vegas bachelor party, probably all sorts of activities involving general debauchery come to mind. However, your Las Vegas bachelor party doesn’t have to include all of these typical and sometimes tired options. Instead, create an alternative bachelor party that involves adventure, history or your favorite sport.

Here’s a few ideas to consider:

Embark on a River Tour Through the Black Canyon

You don’t have to venture far from the Las Vegas Strip to discover the adventure of a lifetime. A river tour through the Black Canyon is the perfect challenge for you and your best friends, allowing you to enjoy an exciting excursion before you walk down the aisle. The river tour departs at the Lake Mead Recreational Area, and continues down through the Black Canyon. Participants are able to take a break for lunch on the beach before completing their journey, which finishes at the Willow Beach Marina. When it comes to male bonding and making memories, this is the perfect option for your Las Vegas bachelor party.

Catch a Las Vegas Golden Knights Game

The Las Vegas Golden Knights are enjoying their inaugural season in the city. This hockey team, which is part of the National Hockey League, is off to a fantastic start for their first season. Get tickets for you and your guys, and immerse yourself in this momentous time in the city’s history. What more could you want for your party than a bit of friendly competition?

Book Your Party at the Mob Museum

The Mob Museum is a national museum dedicated to the history of organized crime in the country. Located in Downtown Las Vegas, it provides unique event space which can make for an interesting, enlightening and entertaining bachelor party. When you book the museum’s Board Room, you can all take an oath and become part of “The Family” for yourselves. Talk about an experience that you and your fellow bachelors won’t soon forget.

Ditch the bars and shows for your last night as a single man. Instead, plan an adventure and an experience that you and your guys will remember forever. Find out more about how to book your alternative Vegas bachelor party by contacting us today.