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3 Top Places for River Rafting in Nevada

Date: December 10, 2017
Category: Blog

What trip to the Southwest could possibly be complete without a desert river adventure? Here at Black Canyon River Adventures, we’re all about everyone having a great time out in the glory of nature. Of course, that’s less likely if you don’t do your homework, which is why we’re here to offer you three of the best Nevada destinations for river rafting.

Black Canyon Raft Tour

Black Canyon is one of the most gorgeous spots in one of the most gorgeous spots in the world. It sits just below Hoover Dam, and was formed over the course of millions of years due to volcanic activity. Here, the canyon walls rise nearly 2,000 feet into the air, offering spectacular views as you travel down the river in a tour guided motorized raft.

If you’re looking for a raft tour of this area, you’ll do best with Black Canyon Adventures, which embarks from Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The tour offers a beach stop for lunch and then an afternoon stroll around Willow Beach Marina on Lake Mohave, before returning to Adventure Headquarters or all the way to Las Vegas.

Peach Springs Rafting Adventure

Looking to start your Colorado River adventure from a different point? You can also access the river from Peach Springs, an Indian Reservation a few hours away from Las Vegas. From there, you can enjoy the rapid flow of the Colorado south of Hoover Dam as well as some stunning natural vistas.

American River

Okay, so technically this is cheating, since this waterway isn’t technically in Nevada. However, if you’re staying on the western outskirts of the state, you’re only an hour or so from one of the best rafting rivers in the United States: the American River, which flows out of the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. You’ll enjoy spectacular scenery as well as some adrenaline-pounding drops and chutes. If you’re making a combined Nevada-California journey, you might even want to put this adventure on your list after you check off one of the above!

Looking to learn more about river rafting in Nevada? Call the experts. The friendly team here at Black Canyon River Adventures can be reached by calling (800) 455-3490, at which time you can ask questions or make a reservation. We look forward to showing you the true beauty of Nevada soon!