Canoeing vs. Kayaking: What You Need to Know

Date: November 11, 2019
Category: Blog

The Colorado River winds through the Black Canyon, and the conditions are often ideal for canoeing or kayaking. Travelers who want to experience the grandeur of the canyon while paddling down the river will want to know the difference between canoeing and kayaking.

Basics of Kayaking

Kayaking is a form of paddling that is designed for only one or two people. The closed-in design can protect the person and their belongings. The shape of the kayak makes it ideal for traveling at a faster pace.

Basics of Canoeing

Canoeing is a form of paddling that can accommodate larger parties, though it also works well for one or two people. The open design makes the boat heavier, and may not provide the same level of protection as a kayak. Most people who go canoeing enjoy a leisurely ride on a tranquil body of water.

Which One is Best for Me?

Deciding whether to use a kayak or a canoe is a personal decision. You may want to consider your own paddling experience before you decide whether to go kayaking or canoeing. In addition, you should think about where you intend to take the kayak or canoe. Kayaking is better for rougher waters where you may need to cut the waves, whereas canoes are ideal for peaceful rivers and lakes.

Is One Easier to Use than the Other?

It depends on your own skill level, and whether you will be taking another person along with you. Some people find that a kayak is more comfortable and easier to operate on their own, whereas a canoe can be very simple to use for multiple paddlers.

Safety Precautions to Take for Both

Regardless of whether you choose a kayak or canoe, your safety should be a top priority. Check the weather forecast and water conditions before you embark on your journey, and make sure to wear a life jacket. Think about the logistics of your trip, and make sure that you have the stamina to complete it successfully.

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