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Fun Alternatives to Grand Canyon River Rafting

Date: April 17, 2018
Category: Blog

Grand Canyon river rafting is undeniably one of the most awe-inspiring ways to experience the Grand Canyon, but it’s not for everyone. People who are looking for a more affordable or less risky way to experience canyon rafting may want to consider one of these alternative experiences:

River Rafting Through the Yampa River at Dinosaur National Monument

The Yampa River winds through the deep canyons that comprise the Dinosaur National Monument, making rafting one of the best ways to experience these deep and narrow passageways. This river rafting experience can be enjoyed by novice adventurers who book a guided tour, or it can be experienced by advanced rafters who rent their own equipment to try it for themselves. Packages are available for one-day trips or multi-day excursions, allowing travelers to select the rafting adventure that works best for their trip.

Black Canyon River Rafting Along the Colorado River

The same river that whips and bends through the Grand Canyon also goes through the Black Canyon in Nevada. While it’s not as well-known as the Grand Canyon rafting adventures, it offers the same amount of fun without the crowd of people. The smooth water Black Canyon river rafting tour begins in the Lake Mead area, and winds through the walls of the Black Canyon. This budget-friendly day trip takes a few hours to complete, and rafters can relax knowing that a skilled and experienced guide is leading the way.

River Rafting on the Green River

The Green River is a tributary that eventually merges with the Colorado River, but before it does, it snakes through the Canyon of Lodore in Colorado. Formed over billions of years, these quartzite canyons offer adventurers the opportunity to see some of the most unique formations in the American West. In addition to getting an up close and personal glimpse of the canyons, river rafters will also see breathtaking waterfalls that cascade from the rocks during their journey.

Black Canyon river tours are an easy day trip from Las Vegas or the Grand Canyon. No matter where you are coming from, you’re sure to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime on the Colorado River as you glide through the Black Canyon. Contact us today to book your excursion!