​How Does the Colorado River Flow?

Date: September 3, 2017
Category: Blog

The Colorado River is a place of adventure. At 1,450 miles from end-to-end, it’s only the fifth longest river in America. Yet countless travelers have experienced its waters, whether braving the whitewater rapids at Breckenridge or rafting the smoother stretch that flows from the Hoover Dam downriver to Willow Beach in Arizona.

How does this mighty river flow? Generally, in a southwest direction towards Baja, California. But the Colorado is a lot more complex than you might think. Check out our infographic on the direction, flow, and rapids of the Wild West’s most famous river.

Hoover Dam tames the Colorado River enough to keep Lake Mead stocked with nearly 29 million acre feet of water. This water, in turn, powers millions of households in the Southwestern U.S. Register for the Black Canyon Raft Tour to learn more about the history of the Colorado River at Hoover Dam, and to see the gorgeous scenery and wildlife that line its shores.