How to Keep Cool During Your Las Vegas Outdoor Adventure

Date: July 11, 2018
Category: Blog

Traveling to the southwest in the summertime can be particularly warm to say the least. If you are not used to the desert climate, you may want to read further to find out how to keep cool during your Las Vegas outdoor adventure.


Stay hydrated


We can’t stress this enough. Drinking water to stay hydrated is extremely important, especially on a hot day. It not only keeps you hydrated, but helps your body cool down during any type of activity—strenuous or not. It’s very dangerous to neglect this step in your cool down plan. Don’t sweat it if you forget your water bottle during your Black Canyon Raft Tour though, as we do provide water to our guests during the float.


Take breaks


If you’re taking a scooter tour through the Red Rocks or riding ATV’s over the sandy hills, don’t forget to take a time-out every 15 minutes or so. Taking a break can help your body cool down by generating less heat from sitting still. Plus, the heat can exhaust your body much quicker, so you’ll want to listen to it when it tells you to rest more often than usual.


Wear protective clothing


You may think that a tank top and shorts is the best summer attire, but it actually exposes you to too much direct sunlight which is unsafe for your skin. Opt for a light breathable cotton t-shirt (short or long sleeved) and bottoms that cover below or just at the knee. Pro-tip: Keep your neck cool by draping a small damp towel upon the back of your neck and wear a full-brimmed hat.


Adventure near water


The best way to stay cool on your Las Vegas outdoor adventure is by playing near water. Need a quick cool down? All you have to do is dip your towel or article of clothing in the water for a quick refresher! Feel free to wear your swim suit under your outfit on the tour for a chance to splash around during our stop at the beach.


The last thing you want is heatstroke on your outdoor adventure in the desert. Take these tips into consideration when planning your next Las Vegas activity. Give us a call at 1-800-455-3490 for more information on what to bring to help you stay cool and comfortable during your Colorado River float.

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