River Rafting Packing Checklist

Date: April 9, 2017
Category: Blog

Are you planning for your first river rafting trip and aren’t sure what to bring? You are not alone. At Black Canyon River Adventures, we are proud to take many of our guests on their very first river rafting tour. Although our single day trips don’t require much, there are a few things you will want to bring with you.

Here is a list of the essentials and a few extra items to help you prepare and pack for your trip:

Essential River Rafting Items

●      Sunscreen: All sunscreen needs to be reapplied frequently to be most effective. Don’t just assume that because you put it on when you left in the morning, bring some with you and reapply as needed.
●      Lip Balm: The Mohave Desert is hot and arid. Bring along your favorite lip balm to keep your lips from drying out or getting chapped.
●      Sunglasses: Your eyes also need protection from the sun, so don’t forget your shades.
●      Hat: As with sunglasses and sunscreen, hats are a great way to protect you from the intense desert sun. If you have long hair, a hat can help keep it out of your face.
●      Comfortable Shoes: Hiking sandals with good grip are popular because they provide traction on the slippery river rocks, but dry quickly. Comfortable sneakers are another good option.

Extra River Rafting Items

●      Binoculars: Great for spotting wildlife, identifying birds, and getting a closer look at the beautiful scenery of the Black Canyon.
●      Waterproof or Disposable Camera: There are many fantastic photo opportunities along our Black Canyon River Tours. Bringing a waterproof or water resistant camera means a little water won’t ruin your photos or your camera. If you don’t own a waterproof camera, you can pick up a waterproof disposable camera for less than $10.
●      Ziptop Bag(s): A ziptop bag is a great and easy way to protect your personal items from water and keep them all in one place. Consider bringing a bag for just your cell phone. If you have a touch screen, you can even use your phone to take photos without removing it from the bag.

If you’re ready to head out to the water, our team at Black Canyon River Adventures is ready to show you the beauty and wonder of the Colorado River on one of our guided river rafting tours. Call us to book your Colorado River Raft tour today.