The Best Views at the Hoover Dam Aren’t at the Top

Date: April 12, 2017
Category: Blog

More than a million people visit the Hoover Dam every year, but most of them miss out on the best view of this National Civil Engineering Landmark without even realizing it. There’s no denying that looking down at the dam face from the walkway at the top will take your breath away, but at Black Canyon River Adventures, we invite you to take a different perspective and experience the magnificent and picturesque Hoover Dam from the bottom.

Hoover Dam Postcard Tour

Without a doubt, the ultimate way to see the Hoover Dam is from the cool, calm waters at its base. See the sheer face of the concrete dam juxtaposed next to the rocky cliff walls of the Black Canyon. This tour includes a 30-minute raft ride on the water, where you can get amazing photographs of not only the Hoover Dam but also the power plant and the scenic Black Canyon.

Access to the water at the base of the dam is extremely limited. In fact, the view we are able to provide on this tour is exclusively available to guests who are escorted down the Lower Portal Road by our Black Canyon River Adventures guides.

Moreover, on this tour, our knowledgeable and experienced guides will share information about the history and construction of the dam. On your way down to the water, you will be able to see the bunkers that were used to store dynamite during construction and the original water line to Boulder City.

You will also get an outstanding look at the newly built Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, winner of the American Society of Civil Engineers’ “Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement” in 2012.

On your next trip to the Hoover Dam, let us take you to new depths for the best view you never knew you were missing. At Black Canyon River Adventures, we are committed to sharing the beautiful scenery and amazing history of the Black Canyon. Contact us today at Black Canyon River Adventures to book your Hoover Dam Postcard Tour.