This is What to Expect on a Rafting Tour

Date: March 6, 2018
Category: Blog
Throughout Nevada, visitors will discover incredible rock formations and majestic canyons that date back nearly to the beginning of time. While stopping to capture a quick Instagram photo may suffice, it’s an even better idea to experience the beauty of the American West by floating down the Colorado River on a rafting tour.
Black Canyon river rafting tour is the perfect option for families and adventurers alike. Here’s what you can expect on this excursion:
Unparalleled Views of the Black Canyon
There’s really no better way to experience the Black Canyon than on a river rafting tour. With an experienced guide at the helm, rafters have the opportunity to enjoy a thrilling ride through the heart of the canyon while immersing themselves in the beauty that surrounds them. In addition to the rugged terrain and breathtaking landscape, rafters also may see wildlife such as bighorn sheep, the great blue heron or osprey.
Reliable Information from Expert Guides
Rafting through a canyon can be an intimidating experience for the novice traveler, but with a reliable guide on hand you can eliminate the stress and simply enjoy the experience. In addition to safely navigating you through the gorge, the guides will introduce you to the various geologic formations and the wildlife who call the canyon home.
A Relaxing Break for Lunch and Shopping
While the ride along the gorge is a memorable experience in and of itself, this day trip would not be complete without a little bit of food and fun. The tour ends at Willow Beach, which is located off of Lake Mohave. There, you will have time to enjoy the picnic lunch that is included as well as shop for souvenirs in town. It’s a great way to end the trip and connect with those who experienced it with you.
This three-hour tour ends on the shores of Lake Mohave, where guests are then able to board an air-conditioned tour bus to get back to their own vehicles. After an exciting adventure on the river raft, this is a wonderful way to rest and recount the memories that were made along the way.
For more information on the Black Canyon river rafting tour, contact us today.
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