Top 4 Outdoor Adventures for Vegas Locals

Date: March 3, 2018
Category: Blog

When you live in Las Vegas, you get to enjoy the pleasures of the strip all the time. Thus, you quickly start looking beyond city limits for your source of adventure. If you’re gunning to get up and go, here are four of our favorite adventures!

1. Red Rock Scooter Tours

Gorgeous Red Rock Canyon is one of the best natural wonders near the strip. Now you can see it by scooter, courtesy of Red Rock Scooter Tours. They also offer trips around Las Vegas itself, to Sedona or to the Hoover Dam. Feel a little more adventurous? You can always rent your own bike and grab a map of the area, then go explore Red Rock on your own.

2. Grand Canyon Sightseeing

Nevada and the Southwest truly are a land of canyons. Also within driving distance of Las Vegas is the spectacular Grand Canyon, to which you can drive in two hours or less. Want to relinquish the wheel and just relax? You can instead book a tour from a guide and see it that way … the better to enjoy scenery along the way.

3. Bike Tours

Avoiding petroleum? You can always see the natural wonders around Las Vegas by foot power! Plenty of outfits offer bike adventures within close proximity to the city. That way, you can head out and back in plenty of time to barbecue with friends or have a night on the town.

4. Black Canyon Raft Tour

Black Canyon is located only a short distance from the Las Vegas Strip in Lake Mead National Recreation Area. From there, you can explore beautiful Black Canyon, a waterway of truly dramatic proportion, with the help of our Black Canyon River Rafting Tour. From 2,000-foot walls that soar into the sky to volcanic formations, the canyon never fails to impress.

Want to learn more about a trip to Black Canyon and nearby Hoover Dam? Here at Black Canyon River Adventures, we’d love to help you find what you’re looking for. Give us a call at (800) 455-3490 for reservations and we’ll get you started on the adventure of your dreams.