Top 5 Family Activities Near Vegas

Date: April 13, 2018
Category: Blog

Las Vegas has a reputation for being fun, fun, fun … and not just for the adult crowd. But while kids and grownups alike will find plenty to do within city limits, sometimes it’s nice to get outside for a bit. Accordingly, here are five of our favorite family activities beyond Vegas, so put them on your docket today.

1. Ethel M Chocolate Factory

One thing you can pretty much guarantee about children is that they love chocolate. Actually, come to think of it, that goes for adults as well. That alone makes a stop at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory a true must for Vegas residents and visitors alike.

2. Lion Habitat Ranch

Come see nature’s majestic cats eat and chill at the Lion Habitat Ranch in Henderson, Nevada. You can take a guided tour through this animal sanctuary, viewing both lions and giraffes in their safe and respectful home.

3. Black Canyon Raft Tour

Nothing cools the desert heat like some time on the water. Enjoy the shade that the Black Canyon’s impressive overhanging cliffs produce while cruising down the Colorado River. The gorge, which begins immediately below Hoover Dam, was formed 15 million years ago and exists today as a deep furrow in the black-rocked cliffs (hence the name). Take a day-long, motor-assisted Black Canyon Raft Tour to experience the area in all its scenic glory.

4. Lake Mead Recreation Area

Billed as “America’s Most Diverse National Recreation Area” by the National Park Service, Lake Mead offers camping, hiking, swimming, fishing, boating and more. As an added benefit, it also happens to be the jumping-off point for the Black Canyon Raft Tour, so if you’re into camping, it might be fun to stay here for a night or two and spend a day on the water with Black Canyon River Adventures.

5. Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio

So this isn’t technically near Vegas; it’s actually in Vegas. Still, if you’ve never seen the Bellagio’s glorious indoor gardens, you must. They’re spectacular any time of the day or night and are redesigned each season.

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