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Top 5 Family Attractions Near Vegas

Date: July 11, 2017
Category: Blog

Las Vegas has a reputation for being an adults-only city, thanks to its abundance of casinos, nightclubs and showgirls. But there’s more to Vegas than the Strip or the Fremont Street Experience. Just a short car ride from the Luxor’s famous Sky Beam, families can find outdoor and indoor activities that appeal to every age and type.

From river rafting to zip lining, hands-on exhibits, and cerebral pursuits, your family can enjoy a multitude of bonding experiences during your next Las Vegas vacation. Here are 5 local favorites that would make any trip complete:

1.      Black Canyon River Raft Tour – Made from 3.25 million cubic tons of concrete, Hoover Dam is one of the largest gravity arch dams in the world. Get a fish-eye view of this modern marvel and wildlife including bighorn sheep and bald eagles on a family trek down the Colorado River. There are no rapids in these parts, making our 12-mile tour ideal for kids and first-time rafters.

2.      Las Vegas Escape Room – If you’re the type of family that enjoys riddles, crossword puzzles, or TV Game shows, try your hand at one of Las Vegas’ escape rooms. The goal is simple: Solve the puzzles to free your party from a locked room. Some rooms, such as The Basement, are a bit too scary for kids (and the squeamish!), so stick to a family-friendly game such as the Empress of The Globe pirate room at Live Game Escape.

3.      Discovery Children’s Museum – 9 interactive exhibit halls make this 58,000-square-foot museum a virtual playground for kids and adults. Most are educational – for example, the healthy lifestyle section and Eco City – while the art area and fantasy section are all about imagination.

4.      SeaQuest Aquarium – Turtles, tropical fish, sharks and seahorses are among the water creatures you’ll find here. Though billed as an aquarium, SeaQuest also has land animals that little ones can interact with, including desert tortoises, tree frogs and slithering snakes. Meet the mermaids, or pay an additional fee and snorkel with live stingrays.

5.      Zip Line Adventure – Vegas boasts a handful of zip lines, including a building-to-building version at the Rio Hotel and Casino. If you have kids in tow, SlotZilla isn’t the most family-oriented option; however, it does have upper and lower takeoff versions that cater to your child’s comfort level with heights. FlightLinez also offers a 4-line zip course with stellar views of Bootleg Canyon that’s great for teens and adventurous types.

Vegas is more than just magicians and poker tables. Family centered activities on and off the Strip open the possibilities for family fun. At Black Canyon River Adventures, we want to help make your Las Vegas vacation one to remember. So, put down that yard-long margarita in your mind, fold your next hand of virtual blackjack and call 800-455-3490 to get the family-friendly party started with a 3-hour tour of the Colorado River at Hoover Dam.