What to Do When Las Vegas Weather Cools Down

Date: November 17, 2018
Category: Blog

During the peak tourist season, the temperatures in Las Vegas seem to rise with fury. With summer temperatures topping over 100 degrees, it’s not surprising that the crowds in the city tend to stick to the lavish hotel pools or the air-conditioned casinos. But when the weather starts to cool off, there’s relief in sight. These are some of the best activities to enjoy when the Las Vegas weather drops to a more comfortable level:

Visit a Las Vegas Museum


If the breeze is just a bit too chilly for you, then you might want to spend a day indoors in Las Vegas. One of the best ways to stay inside is to explore the various museums that are located in and around The Strip. Two popular museums to consider are the Neon Museum, which showcases the vintage signs of Las Vegas, or the Mob Museum, which provides insight into the history of the Mob in the city in an engaging and interactive way.


Book a Black Canyon River Tour


Sometimes, outdoor adventures in the Las Vegas area are better when the season changes from summer to fall. A Black Canyon River Tour is an outdoor adventure near the Lake Mead Recreational Area, and it can be enjoyed all year long. This guided tour takes you on a raft through the Black Canyon along the Colorado River, offering you insight into the natural environment as well as splendid views of the infamous Hoover Dam.


Enjoy the Fremont Street Experience


The Fremont Street Experience is where visitors can experience the historic side of the city. Filled with both indoor and outdoor attractions, the Fremont Street Experience is more comfortable and enjoyable in the fall and winter, when the temperatures as well as the tourist crowds dwindle.


During the fall and winter months, the winds that blow through Las Vegas tend to lower the temperatures without diminishing the buzz that flows through the city at any given moment. During these cool and comfortable seasons, be sure to make the most out of your Las Vegas adventure. To find out how we can enhance your Las Vegas vacation, contact us at Black Canyon River Adventures today.