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3 Popular Things to Do in Boulder City

Date: December 17, 2018
Category: Blog

Just more than 25 miles away from Las Vegas is the much quieter community of Boulder City. While many Sin City tourists make it a point to drive over to Boulder City to spend a few hours, it’s important to realize that this city holds its own as a vacation destination.

These are three of the most popular things to do in Boulder City:

Tour the Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is easily the most notable and iconic site in Boulder City, and it’s often the reason that visitors make the trek to the city. There are two tour options once you reach the Hoover Dam. The Visitor Center Tour allows tourists to explore the Visitor Center and to access the Observation Deck on top of the dam. The Power Plant Tour is a more in-depth experience, giving visitors the opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of the Hoover Dam.

Embark on a Black Canyon River Tour

Adventure awaits those who visit Boulder City. A Black Canyon River Tour is the ultimate way to experience the Black Canyon and the Colorado River. This guided raft tour will take you through the heart of the Black Canyon, as your guide points out interesting formations that explain the development of the canyon. You may even spot the wildlife species that call this canyon home! The tour concludes with spectacular views of the Hoover Dam from the water, and you can enjoy a picnic brunch on the shores of Lake Mead when you disembark.

Hike the Historic Railroad Trail

For more than 7 miles, this trail winds along a former railroad route. It is a popular hike among travelers because it offers panoramic views of Lake Mead and glimpses of the Hoover Dam. Hikers will even be able to go through several tunnels that linked Boulder City to the Hoover Dam.

It’s true that you can enjoy a great day away from Las Vegas in Boulder City, but why limit your visit to just 8 or 10 hours? Instead, plan a getaway to Boulder City that allows you to truly experience this magnificent Nevada town.

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