Best Las Vegas Hiking and Outdoor Adventures

Date: December 17, 2018
Category: Blog

Las Vegas is famous for bright lights and nighttime revelry, but it’s also a gorgeous place to enjoy stunning desert landscapes and clear blue skies, any time of year. If you’re the nature-loving type, you can’t go wrong adding several hikes and outdoor adventures to your trip. Here are a few of our favorites.

Take a Stroll on the Fire Wave Trail

This easy hike features the classic wave formations for which the Southwestern United States is known. Rippling bands of red, orange and white make these sandstone formations worth seeing any time of year. Note that while it’s not a demanding hike, there is no cover along this trail, so you’ll want to avoid it during the hottest months.

Enjoy Falling Water and Play in the Snow

Want a “cooler” desert adventure? Check out this semi-secret hiking trail, which leads you to a high-elevation waterfall. Its stunning 100-foot drop is made even more spectacular by the snow that lies on the ground some of the year. Never fear, though, this is still a great adventure in summer, and is a good way to escape the hot weather.

View Incredible Features at Ice Box Canyon

The beautiful formations boasted by Ice Box Canyon are worth seeing on any desert adventure. Part of gorgeous Red Rock Canyon, this hike is a there-and-back culminating in a pool worth seeing and photographing. Be warned, though: pets aren’t allowed, it’s often crowded, and it gets hot for much of the hike.

Add a Water Adventure to Your Trip!

While hiking is amazing, it’s nice to spend at least one day of your trip not-sweaty, which is where a refreshing and breathtaking raft tour comes in. Consider the Black Canyon Raft Tour from Black Canyon River Adventures, a day trip that winds through the amazing geological feature of the same name. Enjoy soaring cliffs, crystal-clear waters and wildlife, such as osprey and desert bighorn sheep.

Once you’re done floating in our inflatable motorized raft, you’ll stop off at Willow Creek in Arizona for shopping and snacking, then can board our air-conditioned buses back to the starting point. Sound like a dreamy day? We invite you to get in touch with us to ask questions or book a reservation today!

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