5 Guided Tours In and Near Arizona You Can’t Miss

Date: October 2, 2018
Category: Blog

Arizona is the place where natural beauty meets epic adventure. From sleek, colorful slot canyons to red rock formations that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, there’s something for every type of traveler in this amazing region.

These are the top guided tours in and near Arizona that you need to check out:

Apache Trail Tours

For more than 25 years, Apache Trail Tours has been taking travelers along the ancient Apache Trail. The trail is a scenic route that is on the bucket list of many tourists, yet it can be quite treacherous. With a guided tour, visitors gain both knowledge as well as a safe passageway along this highway.

Black Canyon River Tours

Not far from Arizona, Black Canyon River Tours offers guided raft tours along the Colorado River through the Black Canyon. The guide provides information about the history and geography of the region while tourists enjoy an adventurous yet carefree float down the river.

Ghost Town Tours

Jerome was once a bustling mining town in Arizona, but today it’s home to no one. Ghost Town Tours takes visitors through the abandoned western buildings, giving them a spooky glimpse into the history of the area. You never know what you might encounter on one of these tours.

Antelope Canyon Tours

The Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon located at the Arizona and Utah border. Antelope Canyon Tours offers both sightseer tours as well as photography tours, depending on the interests and goals of the prospective traveler. Either way, those who book this tour get to experience the astounding natural beauty of these slot canyons.

360 Adventures Kayaking Tours

Arizona is often thought of as a desert land, filled with barren sand and plenty of cacti. However, 360 Adventures Kayaking Tours gives tourists an opportunity to kayak through the heart of Phoenix. Those who book this tour get to spend more than two hours kayaking on the Salt River.

Now is the best time to book your next guided tour in or near Arizona. For more information on how you can enjoy the greatest adventure of your life, contact us at Black Canyon River Adventures today.