What to Expect From a One Day Arizona Rafting Tour

Date: October 17, 2018
Category: Blog

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of rafting through the heart of a canyon. The waves sway the raft to and fro while a guide gives you little-known facts about the development of the canyon over thousands — if not millions — of years. It’s informative and invigorating, and it’s an experience that you simply can’t miss.

Planning on going on a one-day Arizona rafting tour through the Black Canyon along the Colorado River? Here’s what to expect:

You Will Be on a Comfortable, Motor-Assisted Raft

The raft that is used for the tours is a large, inflatable raft with dozens of comfortable seats for all guests. It is a motor-assisted raft which ensures that the rise is smooth, exciting and relaxing all at the same time. A guide is with you the entire time.

You Will Be Out in the Elements

These raft tours embark in a variety of weather conditions. Frequently, it is sunny at the Black Canyon, so you will want to make sure to wear sunscreen, light layers and even a hat.

You Will See Amazing Sights

The Colorado River winds through the Black Canyon, allowing you to see the canyon from a viewpoint that most never do. You will see unique formations in the canyon, and learn about its development from your knowledgeable guide. In addition to awe-inspiring natural beauty, you also will likely spot wildlife along the way. Desert Bighorn Sheep and the Great Blue Heron are just a few of the species who call this place home.

You Will Get Lunch

After you experience the canyon and get a glimpse of the Hoover Dam, you will stop at Willow Beach for a picnic lunch. This is a great chance to rest, refresh and nourish yourself before completing your journey.

You Will Ride an Air Conditioned Bus Back to Your Original Stop

You will have the opportunity to explore the local area and visit a few shops, and then your raft experience is complete. You will then board an air-conditioned bus to travel back to the tour company.

A Black Canyon river rafting tour is an ideal, family-friendly excursion for your next Arizona vacation. For more information on how to book your tour, contact us at Black Canyon River Adventures today.

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