The Best Ways to See the Dams in Arizona

Date: October 17, 2018
Category: Blog

Dams are manmade structures designed to reserve water and distribute it effectively to regions of the country where natural water is sparse. These dams have changed the way of life in the American West, and ushered in an era of growth and development.

Travelers have long been attracted to these mammoth facilities, and dam tours are a popular tourist activity in Arizona.

Here are a few of the best ways to see the dams in Arizona:

Glen Canyon Dam Guided Tours

Located in Page, Arizona, the Glen Canyon Dam is one of the most famous dams in the state. While it may not have the same worldwide recognition that the Hoover Dam does, this dam still plays a powerful role in the community. Those who are interested in learning more about the development of the dam and its uses today are able to take a guided tour of the dam. The guided tours are presented by the Glen Canyon Natural History Association.

Boat Tours Near the Glen Canyon Dam

The Glen Canyon Dam is not far from Lake Powell, which is a popular locale for those who enjoy boating. While vacationing in Lake Powell, visitors are able to book a boat tour that will take them by water to the Glen Canyon Dam site. There are boat tours available at Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas, Lake Powell Northlake Special Charters and Antelope Point.

Raft Tours to the Hoover Dam

While it’s not located in Arizona, the Hoover Dam can be discovered not far away in Boulder City, Nevada. Perhaps the most famous dam in the world, it’s often a bucket list item for travelers in the area. Those who want to experience the glory of this dam combined with the adventure of a lifetime can book a Black Canyon Raft Tour that will take them along the Colorado River near the site of the dam.

Tours of the dams provide insight not only into how the dams were constructed but also into how they are still necessary for today’s modern society. For more information on exciting and unique ways to explore the dams of Arizona and the surrounding region, contact us at Black Canyon River Adventures today.