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Black Canyon Water Trail: Things to Do Instead of Kayaking

Date: October 20, 2018
Category: Blog

Kayaking is often the first activity that comes to the minds of those who wish to explore the Black Canyon Water Trail. While it’s certainly a popular and thrilling adventure, it’s definitely not the only thing to do in this area.

Here’s a few alternative ideas for your next trip to the Black Canyon Water Trail:

Fishing in the River

Along the shores of the Colorado River, avid fishermen can try to catch a big one. Fishing is permitted on the Black Canyon Water Trail, though it’s best to choose a spot that is peaceful, calm and quiet. There are many different types of fish that can be found in the Colorado River, with catfish, walleye and striped bass being common catches among fishermen. The trail is open all year long, so anyone can enjoy fishing in the river whenever they visit the region.

Rafting Along the River

While kayaking is a popular sport on the Colorado River, it can be intimidating for those who are not experienced. Rather than trying to maneuver along the river on your own, consider booking a Black Canyon River Raft tour. Black Canyon River Adventures offers a guided rafting tour that allows you to enjoy a thrilling experience along the river while feeling confident and secure the entire time. A tour guide will provide you with knowledge and insight along the way, giving you more than just an exciting memory to take home.

Swimming at Willow Beach

Willow Beach is located along the Black Canyon Water Trail, and is a popular stop for families to swim, splash and have a picnic. This scenic beach gives you a chance to rest and relax while soaking up the scenery. Willow Beach is included as a lunch stop on the Black Canyon River Raft tour, so you get to experience the best of both worlds during your day on the Black Canyon Water Trail.

The Black Canyon Water Trail stretches for 30 miles along the Colorado River, with endless opportunities to explore and discover along the way. To learn more about how you can experience the Colorado River and uncover the history of the Black Canyon, contact us today.