The Best Hoover Dam Tour From Vegas

Date: November 17, 2018
Category: Blog

It’s true that Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps, but even the most avid partiers can get overstimulated by the endless lights and chimes on The Strip. Those who are looking to get a quick break from Sin City often head to the Hoover Dam, which is a short drive from the city.

Rather than opting for a traditional Hoover Dam tour when embarking on a day trip from Las Vegas, consider the Black Canyon River Tour. Here’s why you should book your tour today:

You Get to Approach the Hoover Dam from the Water

Most people who visit the Hoover Dam end up at the Visitor Center, looking down from the dam rather than viewing its mighty berth from the best vantage point. On the Black Canyon River Tour, you will venture down the Colorado River into the calm waters that rest at the foot of the Hoover Dam. You will get the premier photo spot for this famous landmark.

You Get a Guided Tour of the Colorado River and Black Canyon Along the Way

While the view of the Hoover Dam is the highlight of the experience, the journey is just as good. This experience includes a guided tour on a motor-assisted raft, allowing you the opportunity to relax and listen to interesting information about the natural history of the canyon and the wildlife who call it home.

You Get a Chance to Watch Desert Wildlife in Their Natural Habitats

Each Black Canyon River Tour is unique, because every trip includes sightings of different wildlife species. There are so many animals that call the Black Canyon and the Colorado River home. You may be lucky enough to see some of these species, such as the desert bighorn sheep or the great blue heron. Most people skip past these animals on their bus trip to the Hoover Dam, but you will get the best of both worlds.

The tour includes a three-hour raft trip as well as a break for a picnic lunch. It is the best way to experience the natural beauty of Nevada while also visiting the iconic Hoover Dam. After your quick getaway, you’ll be refreshed and renewed and ready for everything that Las Vegas has to offer.

To book your Black Canyon River Tour, contact us today.

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