Alternate Ways to See the Hoover Dam

Date: October 4, 2017
Category: Blog

The Hoover Dam is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the American West, signifying the efforts made by Americans during the Great Depression to complete this astounding project and the country’s dedication to progress. It’s a quick day trip from Las Vegas, Nevada, and a destination that people want to visit from across the globe. However, at Black Canyon River Adventures, we feel it’s better to experience the dam rather than just see it from a distance.

Here’s a few alternate ways to see the Hoover Dam for yourself:

By Tour Bus

While you can drive across the dam yourself or check out the visitor center on your own, many choose a more convenient option. There are many Hoover Dam tours which take visitors by bus to the dam, allowing them to grab a quick photo and check out the exhibits that tell the history of the dam. This option works well for those who want to walk on top of the dam and learn a little along the way.

By Helicopter

Helicopter tours are popular amongst adventure-seekers, who want to enjoy a birds-eye view of the Hoover Dam. There are many different helicopter tours available, all of which generally include a brief history of the dam, its construction and the role it plays today. This is the only way to view the dam from above, and provides a unique perspective for those who are interested in an exhilarating tour.

By River Tour

Perhaps the most spectacular way to see the Hoover Dam is from the river itself. The Hoover Dam rests at the border of Nevada and Arizona, and is nestled in the heart of the Black Canyon along the Colorado River. On a river tour, visitors are able to enjoy a scenic and comfortable raft ride through the Black Canyon National Water Trail, stop below the Hoover Dam to take pictures, and end their travels at Willow Beach. Upon reaching the end of the tour, guests are then transported by air conditioned tour buses over the top of the bridge to the tour desk. Along the way, they will enjoy valuable information about the Hoover Dam from an informed guide, allowing them to leave with a full understanding of this incredible architectural feat.

When you experience the Hoover Dam from the waters of the Colorado River, you will truly be struck by its sheer size and the magnitude of this American accomplishment. To book your Black Canyon River Adventure Tour, contact us at today at 800-455-3490.