Which Tour Should You Take: Hoover Dam vs. Power Plant

Date: October 19, 2017
Category: Blog

At Black Canyon River Adventures, we can take you on an exhilarating trip down the Colorado River, where you will arrive at the Hoover Dam. Once you’re at the dam, you have several options for exploring this magnificent site. Most visitors choose between the Hoover Dam Tour or the Power Plant Tour.

Why Choose the Hoover Dam Tour?

The Hoover Dam is a more extensive tour option for those who are interested in learning more about the inner workings of the dam and its function in today’s society. This one-hour tour includes a tour of the power plant, as well as an opportunity to explore the passageways inside the dam.

This tour begins at the Penstock Viewing Area, where visitors learn more about how the hydroelectric generators work. Next, visitors will travel up to the power plant generators, where there is a panoramic view that makes for excellent photographs. Finally, those on the tour have a chance to go through the inspection galleries. This portion of the dam is not seen by as many people, and is a unique way to experience the site.

Why Choose the Power Plant Tour?

The Power Plant Tour includes a 30-minute guided tour from an experienced guide as well as an opportunity to explore various features of the dam itself. Visitors should allow two hours total to participate in the guided tour as well as enjoy the audio and visual presentations that are available at the various features.

Those who opt for the Power Plant Tour will begin their tour at the Penstock Viewing Area, where they will learn about how the large pipes transport water from Lake Mead into the dam’s hydroelectric generators. Then, the tour moves onto the power plant generators, where visitors enjoy panoramic views and are able to take a wonderful photograph to remember their experience.

No matter which tour you select for your Hoover Dam experience, you’re sure to walk away with a better understanding of the history of the dam and the role that it plays today. To learn more about our river tours and what sites you might see along the way, contact Black Canyon River Adventures now.