Corporate Activities That Aren’t So “Corporate-y”

Date: March 10, 2019
Category: Blog

The most essential aspect of a corporation’s success is having team members on board who work together for the company’s common goals. However, getting everyone to come together can be challenging, which is why corporate team building activities are more popular than ever. Fortunately, our team at Black Canyon River Adventures recommends these two corporate activities that definitely aren’t “corporate-y” whatsoever.


Because they require everyone working together, one of the hottest trends today is having corporate gatherings at escape rooms. These are immersive role-playing games that take place in themed rooms where the door is ‘locked’ and participants must work together to solve a set of clues within a set time (usually an hour) to unlock the door.

Some benefits of escaping the norm and booking an escape room for corporate team building include:

  • Enhancing social relations as participants must work together during the experience.

  • Escape rooms can be excellent bonding opportunities.

  • Teams must often define roles for individuals and work on collaborative tasks.

  • Co-workers and company management get an opportunity to observe each member’s contribution.

However, on those beautiful days when the outdoors beckon your group, we have something special in mind for corporate outings.

Hit the River with Black Canyon River Adventures

Corporate activities don’t have to be all about team building, so why not have a unique adventure together? Here at Black Canyon River Adventures, we have taken several corporate groups on river rafting excursions down the Colorado River through the stunning Black Canyon. Spending three hours cruising together and soaking in the incredible sights can be a great way to give staff a motivational boost.

During our river rafting experience, a knowledgeable guide shares local lore and information about the wildlife and flora native to the region. Photography opportunities abound, especially as we near the impressive Hoover Dam and the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. After traveling a few miles downriver, the tour enjoys a scenic lunch stop on a sandy shore where guests can swim during warmer weather.

This all-inclusive tour includes transportation from certain local locations, making it easy to get your entire group on board for this outing. If this sounds like a corporate experience for your next experience, book your spot for the three-hour Black Canyon Adventures River Tours today by calling 800-455-3490.