Unusual Things to Do at Lake Mead Recreation Area

Date: December 29, 2018
Category: Blog

Sometimes, people just need a large open space of land to forget their worries and enjoy themselves for the day. The Lake Mead Recreation Area is the perfect place to let loose, enjoy the beauty of nature and play with childlike wonder again.

These are a few of the most unusual things that you can do at the Lake Mead Recreation Area:

Explore the Historic Railroad Tunnels

The Historic Railroad Trail is a hiking trail that runs along a former railroad. It’s an easy trail to navigate, making it a great option for families with young kids or travelers with pets. On the trail, you will discover some amazing tunnels.

Begin a Photo Hunt for Nearby Wildlife

Many incredible animal species call Lake Mead home. Bring your camera and its zoom lens on your next trip, and embark on a hunt to capture the perfect image of wildlife species in their natural habitat. Perhaps you’ll get that perfect shot of a bald eagle soaring over the American sky.

Raft Through the Heart of the Black Canyon

You don’t have to be a seasoned adventurer to raft along the Colorado River through the Black Canyon. Black Canyon River Adventures offers guided tours aboard their motorized rafts, allowing travelers to learn about the history of the canyon and the animals who still call it home. Best of all, you will get one of the best glimpses of the iconic Hoover Dam while on this tour.

Experience Spirit Mountain

Spirit Mountain is where the Yuma Tribe was formed and is a place of both historic and cultural significance.

Stay for Nightfall and Go Stargazing

Rather than departing the area when everyone leaves the beach for the stay, stay a little longer to enjoy the night sky. There’s no better place to search for stars and constellations.

Swimming, boating and picnicking are some of the most common activities that people enjoy when they visit the Lake Mead Recreation Area. While these are all enjoyable things to do that will certainly lead to lifelong memories, perhaps it is time to try something a little different during your next visit. Contact us at Black Canyon River Adventures to book your adventure near the Lake Mead Recreation Area.