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Photo Opportunities on Your Wilderness River Adventure

Date: August 16, 2018
Category: Blog

There’s truly something remarkable about floating down the Colorado River through the Black Canyon. Everywhere you look there are towering canyon walls that rise nearly 2,000 feet from the river’s edge. From spotting wildlife on the cliffs to witnessing the Hoover Dam from a rare vantage point—there are plenty of photo opportunities on your wilderness river adventure.

At Black Canyon River Adventures, we suggest bringing a camera along to capture these amazing feats on your trip:

Hoover Dam

At 1,224 feet long and 726 feet high, Hoover Dam is America’s second largest dam and one of the top twenty concrete arch dams in the world. Spanning the Colorado river between Arizona and Nevada, it attracts more than seven million visitors per year. Join the countless artists, photographers and tourists who have captured the beauty of the Hoover Dam since its completion in 1936 by snapping a pic of your own on our Black Canyon Raft Tour.


Take a peek towards the cliffs and you may spot some native wildlife if you’re lucky. Our tour guides will point out bighorn sheep, osprey, great blue herons and more along the way. Make sure you capture some photos of the little critters, too! Be careful not to get too close, though, as some of these animals can be dangerous.

Willow Beach

Before you conclude your river adventure, be sure to snap a group photo at Willow Beach. Create lasting memories by taking a few pics with the canyons and blue water in the background before you make your way to the tour bus.

Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

Completed in 2010, this bypass project was the state’s answer to high traffic volumes on the dam and US 93. The 1900-foot-long bridge was dubbed “America’s Newest Wonder” by USA Today and is currently the world’s tallest concrete arch span. It’s open to foot and bike traffic, as well as passenger vehicles. Our tour buses pass over the bridge on the return trip, so have your camera ready!

Ready to cruise down the Colorado River and capture this incredible adventure on camera? Contact us for more information about our Black Canyon Raft Tour today!

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